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Feedback like this from Nurses inspired us to start AlyxHealth 



Create a Company

“[Nurses] need to be educated in entrepreneurship...It’s not being taught,
and it’s clearly a gap that is missing.
We’re talking the basics at this point.” 

Marion L, NP

Market a Business
“Nurses need help to start up a
company with all the tools and
support needed to be successful”
Sue N., RN
Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive



Operate a Practice

“We’re negotiators with patients and families, but when it comes to money, worth, and other business skills—we take a backseat.”

Lisa M., RN



Manage a Business

“Time management. I still have to work my full-time job to support my business.” 

Nicole G., RN


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Detailed Features of AlyxHealth


Create a Company

  • Practice and Business Start-up
  • Create LLC & Bank Acct
  • Marketing Website
  • Email, Calendar & Marketing
  • Malpractice Insurance
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Operate a Practice

  • Patient Profiles/CRM
  • Schedule & Calendar
  • Practice-in-a-Box library e.g. Coaching, COVID-19, Diabetes
  • EHR & Claims Processing
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Manage a Business

  • Financial Dashboard
  • Accounting
  • Expenses & Receivables
  • Claims
  • Taxes
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Market a Business

  • Social Media
  • Marketing Content
  • Campaigns
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Coaching
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Our Products

AlyxHealth has created a web and mobile platform to enable nursing and clinical professionals to create and operate their own business. The platform looks great on any screen size, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

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Outstanding Support

Customer Service is the core of our success. Customer centricity is at the heart of AlyxHealth's Team. Access continuous support from the expanding team of business and healthcare experts. 

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Our Partners

Our technology and business partners include


Video Testimonials


Bobbi Martin, RN, MSN
President at Global Nurse Network

Last But Not Least

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